Box Braid Project Problems

As a female artist of color, I’ve been thinking about getting box braids for about a year now. ┬áIn my personal interactions with my friends who are not black, I’ve found “box braids”… Continue reading

Reflections on The Beginning

As you may have surmised this website, Our Hair Out of Place, is a collaborative project that looks at hair, hair culture, and perception within society. It all started around my fro (or… Continue reading

Whoa you got a haircut! You know I kinda liked your hair longer. This is just so…short.

My lovely friends/ audience/ performers/ crew/supporters!

Post-cut teaser! More pics to follow!

Wishing you all a good night from Clarck Ross!

This is what happens when you decide to grow your hair out!

Wining with Clarck Ross: Episode 1

Hey, nice Jew curls. You’re Jewish, right? What are they called again?

Did you know that when your hair gets that kinky it looks like a Brillo pad?