Like a Hair from Milk: A Mundane Jubilee

LAHFM: is the inaugural performance by Our Hair Out of Place.

Based on the personal experience of having very long, very big hair, and enduring the comments from nay-sayers, this project serves to critique the idea that, “hair isn’t a big deal,” and illustrate the haircuts are quite a ceremonial feat that we undergo every so often in our lives – more than just the trimming of follicles. Turning to the barbershop as the performance site, the artists wish to evoke the reenforcement of gender performance that are created within the walls of these exclusive man-caves.

Like any respectable event in today’s society, a Facebook event has been created for the occasion. It is to be held at Dapper Jay’s Barbershop at the eleventh hour of the twentieth day of April, twenty-thirteen.

Ceremonial cutting of the first hair: Emma Quan, beloved girlfriend and supporter of my lovely locks
Opening remarks by Diana Li, Exhibition Collaborator
Officiants prayer by Travis Curtis (blessing the top of the head for it is a sacred ground, and blessing it for future good growth of hair!
Cleansing of the hair
Concluding statements by the artist


Fun reviews from real men about real men-caves:

“As most of you know (and by “you”, I mean the woman at the bar last night who gave me a wrong number to a Burbank, California Taco Bell), I have been getting a cut and shave from Brent for years…and simply put, he is the best. AJ is also a great barber, but knows nothing about cars — clearly evident by the fact that he constantly dismisses my ride as a Ford Focus with a Mercedes body kit. If the dude knew anything, he’d realize that it was a Hyundai Elantra, which looks nothing like a Focus. Damn you AJ!!”

“Guys deserve to relax too and you get a relaxing scalp massage while getting your hair rinsed.”